Our Impact
Every week the lives of two million children are being transformed as they play Right To Play games and learn to bring about positive change. 

​Our network of 31,900 specially-trained teachers and coaches deliver programmes focused on the most critical areas of child development: the quality of their education, their ability to stay healthy and their potential to help build peaceful communities. ​​

Kids in class

The standard of global education is in crisis. We use fun games to teach children valuable life skills and we train teachers to provide a higher standard of education.​

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Little girl peace sign

One billion children across the world live in conflict-afflicted areas. Our play-based approach gives these children the tools to settle disagreements with tolerance and words instead of violence.​

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In large parts of the world children’s rights are routinely ignored. For these vulnerable children, having one trusted person to call on can make the difference between a life lived in extreme hardship and one that is safe and fulfilled.  ​

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Washing hands

Over 6 million children still die every year due to avoidable diseases such as HIV and malaria. Our approach teaches children to stay healthy and avoid disease.​

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Women and girls are often the poorest and most vulnerable people we encounter in our work. Our games help to empower girls and close the gender gap.​

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