• Latest News - October 27, 2014

    Berlin Conference on the Syrian refugee crisis stresses importance of long-term solutions

    ​The Berlin Conference on the Syrian refugee crisis is being held tomorrow, and will reflect Right To Play's philosophy that assistance to refugee and host communities must go beyond immediate humanitarian relief.

    The majority of Syrian refugees live outside camps, alongside the local population. Host communities are affected by the influx of different ethnic groups and the increased demand on their resources. Access to education, affordable housing, health care and employment is a common concern of host and refugee communities.

    In order to address this, a focus on the long-term stability of refugee and host communities is vital. Building strong partnerships between the two communities is required, in order to overcome differences and live equitably in the face of stretched resources.

    The German Federal Foreign Office, which is organising the conference, says that, "Refugee children are at heightened risk of sexual exploitation and abuse, forced recruitment, child labour and early marriage. Host governments need to be supported in their efforts to strengthen national education systems and to promote a stronger focus on education and protection strategies for children and young people."

    Through our structured sport- and play-based programmes, Right To Play is giving Syrian refugee and Jordanian children an education and equipping them with conflict-resolution skills. By encouraging the children to play together, we are building bridges between the two communities, encouraging them to overcome conflict and difference to live together peacefully.

    Our programmes are long-term. We are not only working with these communities now, but will be continuing to run our programmes for many years to come, ensuring a lasting impact.